(Regd No. VGR 278)


To                                                                                                                         17-11-2015 

General Manager,

BSNL, Nagercoil 629 001

Repected Sir,

Sub: Wage revision and Local problems  – Reg 

We ,the contract workers of Nagercoil SSA , take this opportunity for conveying our heartful gratitude to the Nagercoil District Administration for  granting a chance to put forth the grievances of Contract workers for your personal attention.

We are once again bringing the various problems for your kind attention and early favourable settlement.

  • Implementation of New Procedure for Caculation of Monthly  wages to Contract Labourers- Reg


It has been gathered that District administration has  issued order on 05-11-2015  for  revision of  the wages of Contract Labourer as Rs. 400 /- with effect from 01-05-2015 as per the notification and instruction of Kanyakumari District Collector Nagercoil.  It is also gathered  that a new procedure for calculating revised monthly wages to Contract labourers  will be implemented. As per the new procedure wages will be paid to the contract labourers for those days present for duty. The revised procedure is silent about weekly off and National  and other holidays.         

Our District Union welcomes the decision of  District Administration for Revision of wages as Rs. 400/- to the Contract labourer as per the notiifcation and  instruction from Kanyakumari District Collector, Nagercoil . However we are unable to  digest the  unilateral decision of District Administration for implementing a new procedure for calculation of wages in the middle of a tender period.

In this connection we would like to bring to your kind notice that the present tender with Malli Security Services is in existence with effect from 01-11-2014 . It has been categorically furnished in the tender documents  that the Daily Wage of Contract Labourer as fixed by District Collector Kanyakumari will be multiplied with 28.6 days for a month and the arrived amount will be paid as Monthly wages.  The increase/Decrease of wages if any notiified by the District Collector will be implemented only with effect from the succeeding  month.

It is needless to mention that    changing a procedure for calculation of monthly wages in the middle of a tender period  is not only against natural justice but also against labour law. Hence we request the District administration not to change any calculation method for payment of arrears and new wages during the  currency of this tender. It is also humbly brought to the notice of the District Administration that any unilateral decision of the District administration  for change of procedure will adversly affect the morale of the contract workers.

The revised procedure will drastically reduce the present wages and it is not fair to decrease the wages since it is againt Natural justice and  Minimum Wages Act. 

 We expect the District Administration will not go against the interest of  downtrodden workers  who are contributing their fullest  for the development of Nagercoil BSNL.

  • Earmarking an Executive for the redressal of grievances of Contract workers


Nearly 300 contract labourers a are working in Nagercoil SSA  in various fields. It is requested that an Executive may be earmarked  to redress the genuine grievances of contract  workers.

  • Transfer to EPF Accounts


The deposit amount collected from the previous  Contractors are  available with the District administration. The same  has not yet been transfered to the EPF accounts of contract labourers wherever discrepancies noticed by the  Inquiry officer nominated by the District Administration.

  • Enhanced wages to Contract labourers


The Contract labourers engaged in indoor  high  technical area, ourtdoor cable and line maintenence area may be paid enhanced wages as applicable to Skilled workers

  • Bonus to left out contract labourers



Some contract labourers who have joined in Malli Security  Dervices during July, August   have not been paid bonus. Similary most of the contract labourers have been paid nearly  Rs. 3 100/- instead of the  statutory bonus of Rs. 3 500 /-



  • Verification of EPF, ESI


The shortcomings noticed by the Inquiry officer may be  set right .

  • Issue of Wage Slip


Till this date wage slip is not being issued to contract labourers.

  • Universal Account Number


It may be ensured to all the Contract labourers including those who jined during July and August 2015

  1. Refund of Professional tax

Professional tax are being recovered from the Contract labourers by the Contractor. Since professional tax is not chargeable to the contract labourers, the contractor is to be properly instructed  to refund to the contract labourers

  • Wage arrears 2014-15


 The wage arrears  due to revision of wages from Rs 330 to Rs. 360/ for the period      

01-09-2014 to 31-10-2014 has not yet been paid even after repeated requests. 

  • Calculation of working hours



Calculation of working hours as per the Standard in Sweeping, Cleaning work in Telephone Exchange, Water tank road , Nagercoil has not yet been made and the poor  downtrodden workers are being  paid  wages without  proper justification


            We hope that the district administration will take appropriate positive action for settlement of genuine demands of downtrodden workers of BSNL organisation.


Thanking you,                                                                        Yours faithfully



 Mobile No :  75983 43425