The government is taking calculated steps to kill BSNL, to facilitate Reliance Jio to capture the entire telecom market. The DoT, which is the Administrative Ministry of BSNL, is meticulously implementing the government decisions to finish off BSNL. The steps being taken by the government and the DoT have placed BSNL in such a critical condition, that the employees are unable to get their salary today. The DoT is not allowing BSNL to take bank loan for it’s operational expenditures (OPEX). The DoT is deliberately not making payment of Rs.2,500 crore to BSNL, for the works that the latter has executed for the government. Due to shortage of funds, BSNL is not even able to pay electricity bills, which has resulted in disconnection of EB connections to BTSs and Exchanges. This in turn is seriously affecting the services. The AUAB discussed all these issues during the last 3 days and has firmly decided to expose the conspiracies of the government and the DoT, to the people of this country. Hence, the AUAB has decided to organise a massive March to Sanchar Bhawan on 05.04.2019. It has decided to invite the leaders of all political parties to address this rally. All the circle and district unions are requested to mobilise the maximum number of employees for the rally, and to make it an historic event.